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After 13 years of soul searching for my ideal career, I found it in the place we unfortunately so often look last, in ourselves. My erotic writing flows easily from my life experiences as a masseuse, physical trainer, lover, sexual experimenter, and satisfier of my own desires. For good and for bad, this blog and my sexual writings are my life’s lessons.

To start, I should answer one short question. “Do I have luck with men and sex?” The answer is YES, when it comes to the sex. I have had phenomenal luck. But long lasting relationships don’t seem to find me, and I blame my open minded sexuality. As a younger version of me, I was given a small amount of guidance, but I also hung around with the wrong crowd and lost my virginity at a young age.

I was extremely shy as a youngster and bullied by idiots who I would love to come face to face with and punch, but times soon change. I’ve always been the kind of girl who has never listened to what other people say and the urge to experiment happened not longer after a painful breakup. Maybe this was a self-hate stage of my life, but I feel both shame and enjoyment for these spontaneous years.

I began writing stories about my sexual adventures, for my own entertainment at first, but I also used my writing to seduce men. I realised my mind was fitted for writing in a sexual way, and although not everyone can handle a confident sexual girl like me, most of my lovers have liked my directness. I knew then that I had a talent to turn people on. I have been lucky enough to share some great sexual experiences, and I have loved writing about my wild times and about the fantasies my dirty mind has yet to experience.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and short horny stories, because I’ve loved writing them. Having a high sex drive and writing erotica is very tough, since the urge to masturbate can hit me like a drug. I am an open honest person and want to share my experiences with the world, because I think great sex with a special partner can help to bring unleash all the sexual fantasies you may have always wanted to try, but have yet to experience. Even so, with the right person, sex becomes magical. When two people of any sexual combination with that special chemistry get together, the results can be totally electric. My website and erotica invokes energy, domination, fantasy, foreplay, arousal, massage, and a variety of fetishes.

I am the journey to self-love and boy is this a hard path.  Sex is a potent energy that must shared, but used for selfish purposes it can be equally destructive as it is life giving. If you have been religiously brainwashed, read through some of my blogs and look at the bigger picture. You have free will to choose as you wish, but never let another person encourage your choices. Personally, I believe SEX AND ORGASMS ARE GREAT!

What is the objective of this website. To write cool sexy articles on a variety of subjects, promote masturbation, orgasms, and encourage you to unleash your spontaneous side, answer questions, and open my heart to send love to others.

I am fairly Spiritual, but I will not abstain from sex to reach a “higher vibration.” There is no one belief system, but looking deeply at the self and healing the repressed pain goes a long way to shifting darkness. My aim is to love others, stop judging, promote love and kindness, and perhaps fall in love with myself along the way, since I have felt unworthy of love for a very long time. Ho’oponopono is a great tool of healing and can be used to enhance the life of others. Basically, the core concept is taking responsibility for your life and everything that happens to you. Blame is a negative emotion that does not help anyone. If you are interested in learning more about my “Spiritual” journey, hop along to The Other Side of Girl With a Dirty Mind and learn more about my insanely confused mind.

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  1. Trip X
    Trip X at ·

    I am definitely turned on by your writing. I too, have found an outlet through writing, though it isn’t near as polished as yours. I’ve gotten help from JY Davis (The Erotic Edge) here at Word Press. She has helped me work on my technique without really changing my descriptive nature. I continue to learn and read other great blog writers, looking for more tips on how to make my writing even better.

  2. Girl with a Dirty Mind
    Girl with a Dirty Mind at ·

    Thank you for your great comments. When I first started out writing, I had no idea what I was doing. If you believe in yourself, you can go anywhere in this life. The Laws of Attraction does work. Never let negativity get in the way of your dreams. You’ll make it.

  3. Sarah
    Sarah at ·

    Lets just say your site has helped me through many restless nights alone

  4. Marina Love Movement
    Marina Love Movement at ·

    Greetings! May you prosper in health after receiving my advice. At this time I would need to look deeper into your habits, diet, and overall lifestyle to diagnose the symptoms you have described. Send an e-mail to [email protected] and we will go from there. I would love to help you feel optimal again :)


    Marina Love Movement

  5. Mulldog
    Mulldog at ·

    After seeing a local piece in the Rochdale Observer I couldn’t help but have a nosey here :D

  6. steve
    steve at ·

    What an excellent site – challenging, informative, fun and often very sexy too:)

    I hope to be able to drop by often and look forward to learning a lot and maybe swapping thoughts on the eternal verities!

  7. Yia
    Yia at ·

    I love your site. I also believe that sex and orgasm are vital life energy. It’s where our creative energy come from. I’m glad to see there are people, and especially women, out there with the same beliefs about sex and orgasm.

  8. Cynthia
    Cynthia at ·

    The oldest term for sex is the Divine Union. Sex is an important part of spirituality. “Through carnal love divine love is known.” Check out The Tarot of the Mysteries of Love and Sex for a truly erotic tarot deck. If you want to review the e-book feel free to contact me.

  9. Suzy
    Suzy at ·

    Just left a link to your blog on my own as a Versatile Blogger Award Nomination. Thanks for writing!

  10. Tommy
    Tommy at ·

    I stumbled onto your youtube site and fell in love with you. Crazy, I know. I’d love to meet you.

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