The Icky Side Of Sex

The Icky Side Of Sex

An Oregon judge acquitted a 61-year-old man who actually admitted taking photographs ‘up the skirt’ of a 13-year-old girl when she shopped at a Portland Target store.

Circuit Judge Eric Butterfield ruled that Patrick Buono did not break the law when he snapped his ‘upskirt’ pics two years ago; there are simply no laws presently on most U.S. state’s books against “upskirting.”

On a recent episode of the U.S. T.V. show “Undercover Boss” an undercover boss offered one of his waitresses a boob job at the show’s ‘shower-the-best-workers-who-have-had-terrible-hardships-with-praise-and-money’ usually ending (the lady in question wanted a bigger chest working as she did for this boss in his chains of what he calls a ‘breastaruant,’ where scantily clad women serve bar food plus while showing their bodies).

Then there was all that cyber hacking of private celeb pictures, where websites were so quick to put up those pics. We have yet to get a lawful ruling on if the hacking was stealing and if the websites that posted the pics were aiding and abetting?

And take the oft-sited case of Woody Allen dating a woman who grew-up as his daughter, though, granted, she is not his biological kid. Or how about “Slick Willie” Clinton playing hide the cigar with an intern…in the freakin’ white house of all places? Makes one pine for the days of Miss Monroe and those Kennedy fellas!

Any of these strike you as slightly off-center, maybe not morally repugnant, but just not all together kosher?

As a law-abiding (most times) citizen of the U.S. I see all of the above examples of what some would call impropriety as indeed legal (though I am still wondering how you can take a picture of a minor like that Oregon man did and it be ok?) but kinda not so cool.  I am a man prone to the ‘live-and-let-live’ side of life. I don’t support either political corporation of America, seeing them both (Democrats and Republicans) attempting to leverage ever more control over the American public, so I live that ‘do what though wants…just as long as it doesn’t infringe on anybody’s freedom,’ ethos. But even if something isn’t by-the-book illegal it can be kinda icky, just bad form, bad manners.

And when it comes to stuff of a sexual nature the ickyness ‘do’ rise.

There does seem to be, at times, a disproportionate hue and cry over stuff of a sexual nature that truly, in the end, doesn’t bother anybody all that much (really what Woody Allen does with himself doesn’t really impinge on my life or turns me off from seeing his movies.) But when it comes to this borderline icky sexual stuff I do sometimes find myself in the majority saying aloud: “Huh, he/she did what now? Come on!”

I don’t have any answers here and like Kris Kristoffererson, great seer of our age said in the remake of The Jazz Singer: “I don’t even know the questions man!” But sometimes things just don’t feel right, is all.

Despite all of the above, I do write sex books. Check some of the titles out here: