fifty shades of grey

Fifty Shades of Grey

I read in the paper yesterday that The Fifty Shades of Grey movie is causing havoc, as firefighters are being called to rescue some kinky couples. What has happened to couples? Can they not think for themselves? Can they not find bondage and submission without the need for a book or erotic movie?

The whole point of sexuality is to explore one another’s likes and dislikes. It’s okay to share fantasies, to experiment with new positions, sex toys, and whatever else, but I find it strange that some women and couples need an erotic book to get steamy. Then again, I’ve written over a hundred erotic stories (many need revising) and I was often aroused when writing them. My friend even said that they are lacing some cinema seats with a plastic sheet, in case the watchers get wet.

I’ve never read the fifty shades of grey series, because I am pretty experimental in that area. I like bondage and submission. I love being the submissive. It’s great when a guy takes charge, teasing his hands down the body, avoiding the nipples and genitals. Using a blindfold to heighten my senses. It’s incredibly sexy to take charge of a partner in the bedroom. It’s good that the fifty shades of grey series has encouraged couples to explore these areas, because the sex toy industries will be loving it, but a book and movie are not necessary to explore steamy sex.

Think for yourself. Don’t feel afraid of sharing those kinky fantasies. Use handcuffs, blindfolds, and dirty talk to turn on your partner. The more you play at role-play the easier it becomes to step into character. You don’t even need to buy sex toys to recreate these scenes. Use a scarf to cover the eyes, an elastic band or two to cuff the wrists and ankles, and massage oil to tease over your partner’s body during foreplay, however, if you want the real fifty shades of grey tools, click on this link


Sexy lingerie is optional. Submit to your partner. Don’t be afraid to surrender to the pleasure thrown your way. Submission, bondage and role-play are damn sexy. It might require a few glasses of wine or beer before one sums up the courage to explore this scene, but now it’s become popularized by fifty shades of grey, what’s stopping you from trying something new?