sexual fun with fruits or vegetables

Sexual Fun With Fruits or Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables come in all sizes, colours and shapes. Take a banana, for instance. Is it curved for our mouths, or curved to pleasure other holes? A banana makes a great g-spot massager in both men and women. A cucumber provides gratification and it’s far cheaper than an eight-inch dildo. It might not vibrate, but it can certainly hit the female g-spot.

When I started my website I was having many one-night stands. It was more about becoming a sexual figure in the land of bad boys. Perhaps if I became the perfect lover, I’d get a man to like me in a romantic way. Girls, it doesn’t work in that way. What I gained is sexual experience. It’s nice to feel worshipped, if only for one night. Now that I’ve shared my depression and other habits with the world, the regular shag buddies bolted. All because I, care I mention it, my emotional self. I’ve never been a game player. In reality, I’ve always been in the search for love…to find a partner who loves me in the way I deserve to be loved. I am blessed that my prayer was answered.

Perhaps some women penetrate their pussies with a wine bottle. I wouldn’t recommend this. It is dangerous and glass can crack. A wound in the genital area would not be at all pleasant. However, cucumbers, carrots, corgettes, bananas, or other lengthy fruits or vegetables can be used. Wash the fruit or vegetables thoroughly and use oil or lubricant before insertion.

Having sexual fun with fruits or vegetables is ideal if you don’t have the money for a sex toy. Great sex is about experimentation. Yes, it might be tastier to cook the vegetables, while others may view it perverted to gain sexual gratification from fruits or vegetables, but if it’s not hurting anyone who cares about the judgments.