Fully Clothed Rubbing Foreplay

What I was thinking about yesterday, while typing away on the Horny Book of Happiness, was being touched in a sexual way with my clothes on, and I’ve included this in the guide called fully clothed rubbing foreplay. Something about long teasing foreplay really turns me on. And when your lover is on top of you completely naked rubbing his dick in your face, and teasing you with its scent, that’s when it gets really tough not to say “strip me and eat me out.”

So we had sex in the afternoon. He rubbed his hard dick across my face, over my nipples, which were covered by my clothes, and reduced me to a frenzy, until I could not take it anymore and I begged him to free me. I was so wet with lust, when he finally stripped off my trousers and let my fiery clit free, one stroke of his cock against it made me cum. We then had frantic sex. So hot! Fully clothed rubbing foreplay is recommended.